10 Dec 2019 Inauguration Day information

Inauguration Day events & Street Closures – Tuesday Dec 10th

Expect business closures & disruptions to normal activities and traffic flow

All City and all County offices are closed

No Frankfort Transit Services

All CCU Frankfort branches will be closed, for example. Check with other banks and businesses before traveling — call, check websites & facebook.

Street & traffic information from the City:
Below is a map of the parade route and events taking place during the day.  Roads will be closed from 7AM-1PM on the parade route and there will also be no parking until after that time period.  There are also several South Frankfort streets not directly on the route that will be closed and marked no parking, due to bus parking and emergency access for the parade.  The streets in South Frankfort that are directly impacted include:
All of Capital Avenue, including Capitol Loop
Shelby Street, Second to Tanglewood
Logan Street, Battle Alley to State
Battle Alley, Logan to Shelby
Second Street, Logan to Shelby
Third Street, Logan to Shelby
Un-Named Alley off East Capital
Fourth Street, Logan to Shelby
Campbell Street, Murray to Shelby
Todd Street, Logan to Shelby
State Street, Logan to Shelby
Ford Street, Second to Fourth
Felmer Court, Third to Fourth
Mink’s Way, Logan to Capital Ave
Tanglewood Drive, at Louisville Road (Restricted) to Shelby
Lafayette Drive, at Louisville Road (Restricted) to Shelby
Old Lawrenceburg Road, from Capitol Parking Garage (Restricted) to ToddSteele Street, Second to CampbellMurray Street, Todd to Campbell
Lafayette Drive, Louisville to ShelbyState Street, Logan to Shelby (Monday, Dec 9th 8am- Wednesday, Dec 11 1230am)
Todd Street, Capital to Shelby (Monday, Dec 9th 5pm- Wednesday, Dec 11 1230am) Please note, this list is just streets in South Frankfort, several downtown areas will be impacted as well and that full listing is available on the City’s Facebook and website. The City will be posting orange No Parking signs on all streets that will be impacted, so residents can watch out for those and the signs will indicate the timing of no parking.

PET OWNERS NOTE: Additionally, we’d like South Frankfort residents to be aware that the parade will be kicking off at 10AM with a cannon shot from the Capitol Overlook.  We thank everyone for their patience during this event, further questions should be directed to the City.

This year, all of the inaugural events are free to the public, with an RSVP.  Full information on that can be found at kentucky.gov/Inauguration.