Free tree!

We are teaming up with ReForest Frankfort! ?????

SFNA will deliver and plant a sapling to any paid, current neighborhood association member following the ReForest event (4/6).

Both existing and NEW memberships ‘count’ towards getting your new, free tree! If you’re not a member currently, now is a great time to join – what fun to all have trees growing together to benefit our community. ?

‼️You MUST RSVP by Thursday, April 4th to get in line for your tree and schedule the planting. ***We can not accept RSVPs after this date.***

Requests must be within existing neighborhood boundaries; we are carefully following City guidelines and codes about planting.

To RSVP, simply message us or comment on facebook – please note if you are a current paid member, or a new/want-to-renew member. We can collect new/renewal dues when we come by to plant! Easy!

Looking forward to refreshing our sweet little neighborhood and being kind to the earth – let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions!