Fire Station 1 will leave SF but maintain response time

Frankfort City Commission Meeting Notes
Monday, October 29, 2018

East Main Property Contract – Fire

The Commission approved a contract with the Franklin County Fiscal Court for $225,000.00 for the purchase of real property located at 231 East Main Street.

In July 2017, the Board of Commissioners contracted with Brandstetter Carroll, Inc. (BCI) to complete an Assessment Report for City Hall and Fire Station No. 1 with specific intent to study and identify future facility needs for Frankfort Fire Station No. 1 and provide recommendations for either a renovation of the existing or a potential new facility.

On June 25, 2018, BCI presented their study findings to the Board of Commissioners regarding the fire station assessment ultimately recommending we consider relocating Fire Station No. 1 determined as the existing site would accommodate neither a renovation/addition of the existing facility nor a replacement facility to meet the current or future needs.

Site selection for the future relocation of Fire Station No. 1 was subject to intense scrutiny during the assessment process. The top two most ideal sites being 231 East Main Street (Site 1) and the corner of 2nd Street & Shelby Street St. (Site 2). Site 1 reaches further south and southeast, while maintaining an overlap with Stations 2, 3, and 4 in the four and eight-minute response area. Site 2 will have increased difficulty of acquisition, less desirable vehicle flow, and a potential of increased disruption to surrounding citizenry.

After taking the above information into consideration and direction received during the June 25, 2018 closed session regarding site acquisition, it is my recommendation that we finalize acquisition of 231 East Main Street.  This site is ranked as the most ideal as it maintains a current four (4) minute response time to South Frankfort.