4th of July fireworks viewing at the Capital garage – traffic pattern

SFNA has again secured the top level of the garage for public fireworks viewing.

In light of the notice below please plan accordingly:

Pedestrians – walk up from South Frankfort as usual

Vehicles: follow Capital Ave past the floral clock and around the back of the Annex building OR come up Shelby to the furthest entry lane (behind the Annex) as both roads at that point have parking spots.

Capitol Annex Garage Update – Monday, July 1 – Thursday, July 11. The up ramp will be closed with no access from Old Lawrenceburg Road or any level. To enter the garage, please go to the top level and use the down ramp. You will be able to exit the garage from any level via the down ramp to Old Lawrenceburg Road.

public input – Second Street TIGER Grant Project

The public informational meeting was conducted on Thursday, May 30th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the River Room of the Paul Sawyier Public Library.  Those who were able to attend were provided a trifold with general information about the project, a feedback questionnaire for roadway design options, and colored stickers for indicating streetscape preferences.

For those of you who were not able to attend, we have posted the trifold, feedback questionnaire, project goals and objectives, parking utilization study report, roadway plots, and streetscape boards to the project website.  These can be accessed directly with the following link   www.frankfort.ky.gov/602/Public-Meeting-Documents-Exhibits-and-Fe

If you would like, the feedback questionnaire may be completed and submitted online.  All feedback questionnaires must be received at City Hall by close of business on Friday, June 14th. Follow the link above for the questionnaire.

Early South Frankfort / Rogers Funeral Home

A number of South Frankfort properties were painted in the last year and Rogers Funeral Home is one of the most noticeable. The new paint combined with the removal of the dead sycamores on the front side and repairs to the stone walls has elevated the building’s presence on the corner of Ewing and W 2nd St (running all the way back to Weber Court).

April 25 free potluck dinner, Food Share planning!

from the Farmer’s Market team:

Free potluck meal! The South Frankfort Food Share Community Meal is on Thursday, April 25, 5:30-7 pm, in the Community Room at Paul Sawyier Public Library.

All are welcome, with or without a dish to share. We’ll make plans for the South Frankfort Food Share, bringing fresh, local vegetables to everyone in the community on a sliding income scale. Kids welcome!

In partnership with community members, the Franklin County Farmers Market may be able to host four Food Shares at Second Street School this year! Over dinner, we need your input:
* What favorite veggies do you want to see in the shares?
* How can we best spread the word about the Food Share?
* In what way do you want to be involved?
We’ll collect everyone’s ideas for all of this and more.

Message us with questions: FranklinCountyFarmersMarket@gmail.com

RSVP – Be sure to let us know you’re coming here:

Q2 Meeting and Fall Picnic Planning

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Next SFNA Quarterly Meeting! Join us as we meet using the nice space donated to us by the folks at 1st Corinthian Baptist Church, and we discus the return of the SFNA Fall Picnic! If you’ve never joined us before, this will be a fun one! Guest speakers are being lined up, and will be announced as soon as we confirm.

Join us! We’re having big fun in South Frankfort and know the more, the merrier!

Free tree!

We are teaming up with ReForest Frankfort! 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳

SFNA will deliver and plant a sapling to any paid, current neighborhood association member following the ReForest event (4/6).

Both existing and NEW memberships ‘count’ towards getting your new, free tree! If you’re not a member currently, now is a great time to join – what fun to all have trees growing together to benefit our community. 😊

‼️You MUST RSVP by Thursday, April 4th to get in line for your tree and schedule the planting. ***We can not accept RSVPs after this date.***

Requests must be within existing neighborhood boundaries; we are carefully following City guidelines and codes about planting.

To RSVP, simply message us or comment on facebook – please note if you are a current paid member, or a new/want-to-renew member. We can collect new/renewal dues when we come by to plant! Easy!

Looking forward to refreshing our sweet little neighborhood and being kind to the earth – let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions!

SFNA Quarterly Meeting Agenda 3.25.2019

David Stumbo, President
Kim Vanderoort, Vice-President
Ellen Collins, Treasurer
Katherine Mueller, Secretary
Joel Fischer, Past President
Jeff Jagnow, Member-at-Large

• Treasurer’s Report (Ellen)
• Scholarship fund update (Ellen)
• Membership Report (Ellen)
• Tiger Grant Update
• Farmer’s Market Update
• Expedition Frankfort Update (Katie)
• Location Ideas for next Quarterly Meeting – 2nd Quarter will be held at 1st Corinthian on 2nd & Logan. future locations after that?

  • Dodgeball Tourney; 5/18 @ FHS Gym
  • Racquetball Tourney; 4/6 @ KSU Courts
  • Potential Tennis Tourney; 4/13, rain date of 4/14 @ PAC Courts (David)
  • • FHS Track Meet; 5/8, 5:30pm, WHHS — Need volunteer or two (David)

• 6/7 @ Downtown Summer Concert – Membership Table set up – we can’t sell anything, can paint faces (Katie) and recruit membership. We need a pop-up tent, contact Katie

• Potential next meeting dates – June, September, Potluck Party (no business discussed) in December (looking at IOOF Lodge, open to suggestions)

• Membership Drive – ideas? – open to discussion

• Fall Picnic – need to choose a block – open to discussion

• Have added a donate button to website – want to add one to FB, can’t until we have 2000 LIKES. Starting Like drive tomorrow so we can add the button!

• On the table: inviting one city commissioner or the mayor to each quarterly meeting to give an update, when possible. 
NOTE: we no longer have a commissioner residing in South Frankfort

Open the Floor

Get to Casa Fiesta! Tacos and margaritas for a cause!